Carpet Repairs

Cats scratching, kids, or just general wear and tear? No need to replace a whole room of carpet. With bonded inserts or seam repairs can have your carpet looking good as new.

 Carpet Relaying

Whether you're uplifting or temporarily removing carpet due to home renovations, floods or new hard flooring, we can professionally refit your carpet so it looks as good as before.

Carpet Restretching

Bubbling in carpet can appear after installation over time and not only be unsightly but dangerous. Prevent further damage by removing them and keeping the area safe.

Creaky Flooring Repairs

Have that one annoying spot that always squeaks when sneaking to get a midnight snack? We can fix it by uplifting the carpet, refixing floor boards and relaying the carpet (chipboard flooring only).

Transition Bar Installation

Whether damaged or removed due to renovations, a new transition bar provides a safe and professional edge where carpet meets hard flooring.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Dirty carpets? Stains? Or just in need of a refresh? We offer expert and professional cleaning with industry standard practices, to preserve the condition of your carpet and couches for longer. We can also provide optional fabric protection to help any future stains clean out easier.